Professional HOA Management Services

As your HOA management company, we’ll handle the financial responsibilities stated in your contract, such as imposing fines, collecting dues and paying contractor invoices.

We also handle the vetting, hiring and evaluation of property maintenance and special repairs. Our administrative services include maintaining records of meetings, audits, expenses and income. We make your administrative and accounting tasks easier, and we ensure all actions are done within the scope of the law.

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Full-Service HOA Management for Salinas, Carmel, and the Monterey Bay Area

Torrente Properties has 20 years of experience managing HOAs within Monterey County. Our experience includes single-family home, apartment, condominium and townhome community management.

Our HOA Services Include:

  • Oversee Contractors

    Communities need routine maintenance and occasional repairs. We coordinate refuse collection, building services and repairs. Our team has an extensive network of suitable contractors for all types of specialty repair and maintenance services. We supervise all maintenance and repair work to make sure that it’s done properly and within the specified time frame.

  • Maintain the Community

    People choose to live in a community with an HOA because they want a safe, healthy and appealing environment. We ensure that the community is safe, clean and healthy. We do this in an economical way that benefits all residents equally.

  • Licensed and Experienced

    Our property managers are licensed and experienced. We maintain a high standard of conduct. As members of the Community Associations from the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers, we maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. We follow all health, safety, financial and legal standards established for HOAs and property managers. We have the extensive experience, training and education needed to successfully manage all types of communities. Our goal is to plan, interpret and implement rules fairly and accurately so that everyone in the community is satisfied.

  • Provide Community Updates

    Residents in communities with HOAs want to be kept in the loop on news, legal decisions, infrastructure issues and standards that could affect their daily lives, property values, safety and enjoyment of their homes. We keep the community updated on new legislation and the implementation of rules and laws. Our property management company ensures that all members of the community observe the rules and regulations of the HOA. By following established standards and legal guidelines, we make sure the community is suitable for all residents.

Our honesty, integrity and professionalism make us the right choice for your property management needs. For more details about our property management services, call us at Torrente Properties today.